Dress Hire Agreement

-The return date is shown on the rental instructions contained in the shipment of clothing. Bookings cannot end on a Sunday. We reserve the right to amend the terms of this agreement in the future and all changes apply to our leasing process. You can cancel your rental order with the cancellation fee and the following rules: i. Cancellation fourteen (14) or more days before the delivery date, there is no cancellation fee and you will receive a full refund on the payment card you used for the order ii. If you cancel less than fourteen (14) days but more than seven (7) days before the delivery date, you will not be refunded, but you will receive a credit for the rental costs associated with the cancelled order. This credit can be applied to future hires that will be placed within 12 months of the cancellation date. iii. If you cancel seven (7) or fewer days before the delivery date, you will receive a credit for the rental costs related to the cancelled order, net of postage and cancellation fees of $10.95 tenants who keep a dress from a trial on reservation, pay the total rent for the event at the end of the trial at the end of the trial or are subject to a fee of $10 per day. The tenant`s credit card is debited and, in case of a denied fee, the fee will be charged. If, for any reason, you are not with the Clothing Rental Service Hire the Catwalk Designer at any time, before or after the purchase, please contact us at enquiries@hirethecatwalk.com and we will be happy to contact you at any complaint or request you have. By renting an order from Hire the Catwalk Designer Robe, you offer to rent a product and you are subject to the following terms and conditions. All orders are subject to the availability and confirmation of the order price.

Items purchased to keep them (i.e. not rented) are final and cannot be returned for a refund or exchange. Credits/gift cards cannot be used to purchase clearing stocks. All orders placed with a credit/gift card will be cancelled. If you rent in the store, you can decide to put the dress back in the store or make it available in a Satchel. If you have a new booking, you must recover your setting on the last day of your job until 16:00 hours and the same conditions apply to the latter. When you bring back your dress, you must bring your dress back to the agreed date and the agreed time. Please note that we strive to deliver each item as quickly as possible.

If you order in advance and the dress doesn`t arrive on time, you`re entitled to a full refund. Last-minute orders (orders placed less than 36 hours before shipping) that do not arrive on time, can claim only a credit and no refund. If you do not pay the amounts due to us when they are due, we will forward the invoices to a collection company to track you for collection costs, including, without limitation, legal and collection fees. Dress Hire AU reserves the right to terminate at any time, at its sole discretion, your right to rent products from us if you violate this Agreement or for some other reason. If you have photos of the tenant or a comment you would like to make about the clothes you rented from www.hirethecatwalk.com, please email them to us enquiries@hirethecatwalk.com so we can upload them to the gallery section of the website and on our social media platforms, where customer reviews are posted and can be seen by other Hire the Catwalk customers. Our biggest advice, when we wear a rental dress, is to treat it as if it were yours. In the situation, the garment is damaged, while in your guard, the best thing to do is not to stress and warn us as soon as possible, so that we can arrive with a quick solution.