Supply Agreement Artinya

In addition to the “delivery agreement”, you can also look for an explanation for the following words: Here is a translation of the meaning of the word English delivery agreement in Indonesian in English-Indonesian 2 words, namely delivery and agreement In the type of business contract often used in daily practice, There are many types of secondary or standard things (such as TAC, BOT, TAA, common operation, production sharing, etc.) Where can you get a copy of these types of contracts? The types of business contracts can be derived from a company`s relationships and terms. Regardless of the field of activity, the different relationships and conditions are: . While in some companies objects of cooperation can include very broad and varied things. In general: (i) there is a project financing structure (z.B.: Build Operate – Transfer Agreement or Abbreviated Bot Agreement, or Build Operate – Own Agreement or boo Agreement short); (ii) the process of transferring certain technologies or knowledge (for example. B: technical assistance agreement); (iii) business development and network interests (e.g. B: cooperation agreement); and (iv) the interests of research and development and engineering of certain objects; it is not possible to generate revenue, but the purpose of the results of these activities is a priority (z.B.: Research, Development – Engineering Agreement); and (v) intellectual property (e.g. B licensing agreement). For examples of the above documents, you can contact legal counsel services, which you can see in our directory section. . F.

Business relationship between the company and the creditor who provides the credit facility or loan v. business relationship between the company and distributors, retailers/commercial agents. In short, if the company does not sell directly into its marketing and distribution activities, it will designate another party, namely distributors, retailers or sales agents. Generally referred to as distribution agreement and sales contract. In short, in the event that the consumer is unable to pay in cash, the company can make its own financing for the consumer concerned by a sales contract with installments or leases (lease). In general, under conditions outside of investment governed by the statutes, for example. B.dem subordinated debt contract or where there is an agreement between the former shareholders and the new one, namely the shareholder contract. The relationship with the contractor is the charter relationship of a project, perhaps to maintain a factory building and or office, where the company becomes the owner (who gives the contract) and the contractor becomes the contractor (who receives the contract). The scale and complexity of projects can vary considerably. From small projects to large ones; from simple to demanding. The concept of alliances (agreements) is also different in these areas. Charter contracts to Engineering Procurement Construction Contracts or EPC Contracts.

While there is a relationship with business partners, the company has the same interests in a specific project or commercial cooperation. In the case of a project, both parties: i) a joint venture, such as. B: Joint Operation Agreement or Production Sharing Agreement), or (ii) a joint venture through the creation of a joint venture called a joint venture;