Direct Health Care Agreements

The disadvantage for patients is that the DPCA does not comply with the PPACA`s individual liability provisions, which require minimum insurance coverage in accordance with the basic coverage standards set by law. Therefore, to avoid possible tax penalties, a patient may still be required to obtain and pay for some health insurance coverage, at least until 2018, when the mandate will disappear from 2019. Another drawback is that the DPCA may not cover all the services a patient needs from a particular provider. A patient must have additional fees for non-DPCA benefits or have health insurance in addition to the CFD. (e) Include periodic charges and any additional charges outside the periodic fee for routine care as part of the agreement. Primary direct care is a financial agreement that is made directly between a patient and a health care provider. It reduces the process`s insurers and allows patients and providers to file health insurance fees. (b) “direct primary care agreement,” a contract between a primary care provider and an individual patient or legal representative, in which the health care provider undertakes to provide each patient with primary care for an agreed fee and period. A practice of “primary direct provision”: (1.) charges a regular fee for services, (2.) does not charge third parties on a service basis, and (3) each fee per visit must be less than the monthly equivalent of the periodic fee. Patients who benefit directly from primary care do not pay monthly health insurance premiums or supplements.

Instead, they pay a monthly fee to their doctor. But because direct primary supply providers do not charge for insurance, they do not accept insurance. In addition, most primary direct care patients are also enrolled in a highly deductible health plan (HDHP). If you are interested in this type of program and already have a family doctor, you can ask if they are willing to enter into a direct primary care agreement. If not, or if you don`t currently have a primary service provider, The Direct Primary Care Coalition and DPC Frontier Mapper are two resources that allow you to find a direct primary procurement practice in your area.