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After the joint venture agreement with the Dutch group TPG / TNT Post in the express mail sector, the partnership with General Parcel in the parcel sector and the development of its postal services in northern Italy, spis purchase of MDS is the next logical step in its international business strategy. In 2008, INENSUS and Matforce created the inENSUS West Africa S.A.R.L. joint venture. NASA and DLR extend joint venture agreement for a new ten-year period In this context, the university celebrated 30 years of collaboration with Nanjing University, 25 years of the French Institute of German Law in Gottingen and Nanjing, in addition to 10 years of official joint venture agreement between the two universities, among other milestones. No synergy was found with the new owners of Golden Tulip, which put an end in good faith to the joint enterprise agreement between the two parties by the end of 2009. Employment contracts, joint venture agreements, licensing agreements for international companies and banks Shortly thereafter, SAG resumed operations in Gaggenau, entered into a joint venture agreement with Benz in Mannheim in 1907 and negotiated from December 1910 under the name Benz-Werke Gaggenau. You can start a new business or branch or enter into a joint venture agreement. A joint venture in this narrower sense is a joint project between legally and economically independent companies, in which partners share responsibility for management and financial risk. [1] An example of a joint venture in the German-speaking region is the toll operator Toll Collect as a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom, Daimler AG and the French group Vinci. HeidelbergCement has entered into a 50:50 joint venture agreement in India, consisting of the sanding plant of Indorama Cement Ltd, owned by Indorama S P Lohia Group, and is located in Mumbai (Bombay) on the west coast of India.

Project-related business combinations may take the form of a joint venture or be arranged in contractual form by a contractual joint venture. In the context of globalization, German small and medium-sized enterprises very often open newly opened markets in Eastern Europe and Asia through a cross-border joint venture. The creation of a joint venture reduces risks and creates synergies for both market opening and offshoring production. De Vries Workforce Management and Speakap have entered into a unique joint venture agreement. PubliGroupe enters into partnership with the leader of the Platform MediaMath Lausanne / New York / London / Berlin , March 30, 2012 – PubliGroupe , a Swiss provider of marketing and media distribution services , today signed a joint enterprise agreement with MediaMath , the first platform on the demand side (DSP) that meets the media purchasing needs of distributors. In 1995, OTEM took Russian representation for Eberspaecher; Eberspaecher`s acquisition of 50% was completed in 2010 as part of a joint venture agreement. Opens the window for sending e-mail 100 employees working in production, management and distribution in Germany, and through a joint venture agreement 300 additional employees in Hungary .