City Of Penticton Cupe Collective Agreement

To report a typo, send an email to: On June 12, 95 per cent of municipal employees in the City of Penticton voted in favour of strikes and referred to their collective agreement, which does not reflect the cost of living in the Okanagan. Following this vote, Local 608 announced that it would ask the B.C. Labour Relations Board to appoint a mediator who would assist in discussions that would lead to a positive solution. On July 3, municipal workers in the Town of Penticton, members of CUPE Local 608, signed a settlement protocol. In June, 95 percent of municipal employees who are part of the union voted for strikes after negotiating their current agreement with the city for seven months. (Google Maps image) These include five-year contracts with the Union of Canadian Public Employees (CUPE) Local 608 and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 213, as well as a six-year agreement with cupe Local Library. (File photo) PENTICTON, BC, June 14, 2019 /CNW/ — With more than 95%, the City of Penticton`s municipal councils voted overwhelmingly in favor of strikes in a vote on Wednesday. The workers, members of Local 608 of the Union of Canadian Public Employees, have been negotiating with the city for more than seven months.

A press release issued by the City on July 4 indicates that members of Local 608 of the Union of Canadian Public Employment (CUPE) signed the brief on July 3 and that the conditions will only be made public when their union members have the opportunity to ratify the agreement. This should be done on July 9. “Our members live and work in this community and we want it to grow and prosper,” said Best. “We need to ensure that Penticton is able to retain and gain skilled staff, and that our city is at the forefront of creating good jobs that support families and help the local economy.” “Life in the South Okanagan is becoming more affordable, and our collective agreement does not reflect the true cost of living in our region,” said Shelie Best, President of CUPE 608. “Our frustration is that even after months at the table, we are still faced with proposals that leave our members behind.” According to Best, the Statistics Canada report showed that B.C. inflation was above the national average at a rate of 0.7 per cent. READ MORE: B.C`s business. causes a vacation nightmare for the Lethbridge family “Our members live and work in this community and we want it to grow and prosper,” Best said. CUPE Local 608 members have the opportunity to ratify the agreement on July 9. . .

. READ: Still `a long way` in Canada post-contract dispute, says the union. The best one alludes to a recent Statistics Canada report, which indicated year-over-year inflation in B.C. .