Legal Representative Agreement

Section 9 deals with non-standard representation agreements for all personal care and health matters. Section 10 states that to enter into this type of agreement, you must understand the nature and consequences of the document when you create it. As part of this type of agreement, you can give general or specific powers. A representative with general powers may give or refuse authorization for health care, including health care necessary to sustain life. A representation agreement is the only way to authorize someone – named your representative – to support you or act on your behalf for health and body care matters. Some might use a representation agreement to cover routine financial and legal matters. 26 (1) A person designated in a representation contract as a representative, assistant representative or monitor is not entitled to remuneration for the activity of representative or monitor unless you may also designate an alternate representative. This is someone who can intervene if your first representative is no longer willing or able to act for you. If you appoint an assistant representative, you must say when the representative can act in place of the representative.

20 (1) A monitor designated or designated by an adult shall endeavour to determine whether a representative of the adult complies with section 16. 2. In the event of the ineffectiveness or ineffectiveness of a contract of representation or a provision thereof, any exercise of the power conferred by the Treaty on a representative shall be valid and binding on a person who did not know and had no reason to believe that the agreement or provision was ineffective or invalid. (d) an error has been made in a representation agreement or an error in the performance, testimony or recording of the agreement has been made in accordance with the laws of BC if you wish to ensure that the person or persons of your choice are able to make decisions regarding your personal and health care if, at some point you become mentally incapable at one time or another, You must enter into a representation agreement. If you wish, you can also give your designated persons the power to make decisions regarding your legal and routine financial affairs in your representation contract (and, under current legislation, important financial decisions such as the sale of your home). (c) a credit union or trust company, as long as the area of jurisdiction of the credit union or trust company does not cover health care or personal care under the representation agreement. As noted above, in a representation agreement, you can give your representatives the authority to handle personal and health matters as well as your routine legal and financial affairs. Depending on the bc laws in force, representation agreements may also cover important financial matters such as the purchase or sale of real estate. .

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