Ecao Ibew Principal Agreement

1. Before the expiry of the current main agreement, the IBEW CCO sends a letter to members requesting additional assistance to extend the negotiation process for a non-work stoppage collective agreement. 2. With the mandate of the members to renew this procedure and in agreement with the contractors, both parties negotiate without the threat of strike and/or lockout. As the Court of Justice`s legal representative on all issues relevant to labour negotiations in Ontario, ETBA and its representatives had been preparing to negotiate since October 2017. The joint proposal (no strike, no lockout agreement) began in February 2018 with the IBEW/CCO and a joint proposal was signed on 1 October 2018. There were three (3) different phases of this round of negotiations, albeit related. Local negotiations took place across the province from November 2018 to January 2019. In early February, negotiations took place for the line (yellow pages) and communication (green pages). Finally, in the week of February 11, the provincial agreement (Blue Pages) was negotiated. Members of the Court are encouraged to contact their local association of electrical companies to obtain more information about your local agreement.

To register or view more details, click here. For more information, you can add Cathy Frederickson to To make sure you always receive these messages, add to your 2019-2022 Principal Agreement Negotiations Concluded Professional Development Seminar with Dr. Awad Hanna. For many years, the Energy Task Force has been committed to the Ontario government and the EPO to change the cost of modernizing distribution and transmission lines to reflect a fair approach to action. This week, oEB announced a number of changes in cost allocation, including four areas that the Energy Working Group has issued to meet the specific needs of the Northwest. . The median apprentice electrician in Fort McMurray is $26,000 above the national average, while at the other end, Saskatoon is $10,000 lower. An important objective of this round of negotiations was to ensure that local regions had significant language changes; and positive changes have been made in most areas. Have you discovered electrical safety hazards or identified safety issues that, if not addressed, could pose a serious threat to an owner, family or community? Or maybe you, or someone you know, has developed an initiative or program that protects people from electrical damage.

IbEW CCO understands that if our contractors succeed, we can do it! The awards will be presented at the annual Ontario Electric Safety Awards in Mississauga in September.