Legal Agreement For Lending Money In India

My father collected money (90,000) from one of my parents and this person took signs over tampon on ON DEMAND PAPER (at that time nothing was written on it). And my father paid interest of 3%/month. from the last 3 years due to a financial issue, he was unable to pay regular monthly interest (he was paying a portion). And recently, my relative took over my father`s signature on stamp paper and on request paer (which was completely empty). My father was not educated, so he didn`t see anything and signed blindly. Will we have a problem with that in the future? 15.1 English is used in all correspondence and communications between the parties. 15.2 Cumulative rights All remedies of the lender under this contract, whether provided for or granted by law, civil law, common law, habit, trade or use, are cumulative and non-alternative and may be applied successively or simultaneously. 15.3 Loan Contract Advantage The loan agreement is binding on each party and its successors or heirs, directors, and must, if necessary, ensure the benefit of that party and its successors or heirs, directors. 15.4 Any delay in exercising or failing to exercise a right, power or remedy that rests with the lender under this agreement or other agreement or document does not infringe that right, power or remedy and cannot be construed as a waiver or tolerance for delay; Nor is the lender`s action or inaction regarding a delay or tolerance of a delay affecting or affecting the existence or inaction of a right, power or recourse of the lender with respect to another delay. hello sreekanth sir, I need loan format for my client. Please email me.

I had given money to my friend for his distress, and now he says I had no money to come back. I asked him to sign 10 rupees of stamp paper. Is it wise for me to file a complaint and what the case should be in the buffer paper, please enter a link to A Smart Person is always one that makes all financial transactions valid by writing them down. The main benefits of such agreements between family members or friends are mentioned below: I live in a metro town and I want to lend 1 Lake Rupee (with int.) to my grandmother in the name of her acquaintance in my village. I would like him (grandmother acquaintance, a doctor) signed by NEFT and signing the change of sola. I would like to know what the risks are. The friend said he was also going to have two witnesses signed. If he didn`t return the amount, it will be a long-running battle by the court for justice (remember, I live in a metro town and he in a district of another state)? He is responsible for paying monthly interest on time and my grandmother trusts him very much. I don`t trust the people in this big crowd.

And also, as you said, to write down the check number on PN, what should be written in the case of neft? I`m going to collect his photocopy of identity and his details. Pls lemme know if additional steps to take while borrowing the money. If you decide to borrow money, it is best to have an open and open debate about the possible problems or consequences of the loan. If you don`t want to borrow money, slowly turn down the credit and identify the best alternative to help your friend or loved ones. (Read: `5 personal financial mistakes I made..)) I have the same case as sreejith that I signed PN in 2013. I learned that the PN validity is only 3 years? So, after 3 years, the PN is no longer valid? but I had the email conversation with the borrower until last week that, where he acknowledges that he took the money, can I use this email conversation as evidence in court if necessary? 3. I went to a civil lawyer, he says that your uncle is a farmer, so it is NOT possible to obtain a court injunction to restrict the sale of his house and farmland until the end of the case.