Sedao Agreement

When the software is downloaded from the Sedao and/or SedaoLive website, downloading or using this software is accepting the next license agreement for the end user. Explore our pa-X database of local peace agreements in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. WATCH OUT FOR: a new connected database from Amnesty in the coming months. We look forward to comments, comments, suggestions or new agreements. Contact us Find us on Twitter @PolSettlements Explore the evolution of the conflict in Yemen and interweave national and local peace initiatives from 1990, in English or Arabic, in this interactive timeline. Follow the links to PA-X. Descriptions of events and agreements developed in collaboration with Yemeni researchers. If you do not comply with a condition or condition of this Agreement, this contract will be terminated immediately and automatically without notice. You agree to immediately destroy all installed copies of the software product, as well as all components and documentation, preliminary and replacement versions, as well as all copies and modifications, in any form. Our search results can now be exported to this cool timeline format. This timeline has ALL of our chords chronologically, but you can export any search in a similar timeline format.

SedaoLive is not liable for indirect, individual, consecutive or exemplary damages, or compensation, refunds or damages related to: (i) your inability to use the services; (ii) the cost of purchasing alternative goods or services; (iii) your investments, expenses or commitments related to this contract, or your use or access to services; or (iv) any unauthorized access, modification or removal, destruction, deterioration, loss or other data. In any event, our responsibility under this agreement is limited to the amount you pay us under this service agreement that was created in the 12 months prior to the application. What would the perfect peace process look like and what do the real peace processes look like? Our data cover peace processes and “agreements.” Find out how peace processes are evolving, chaotic. We also contract with other business organizations to provide software applications and online support services. These organizations process your data on our behalf as part of a data processing contract requiring them to protect your personal data. By installing or using this software, you accept this contract. This agreement is governed by English law and is the subject of an appropriate interpretation. It`s now PA-X`s V4 (previous versions can still be searched). The AP-X is constantly being modified and updated to reflect ongoing peace processes and new agreements. We continue to update PA-X Genre and PA-X Local.

Check out our updated PA-X sub-database with gender-specific provisions in peace agreements.