Crunch Fitness Membership Agreement

You can create a member account by visiting and clicking “Create an Account.” Or download the Crunch app to your iPhone or Android device and create an account. To cancel your Crunch subscription by phone or mail, first check to see if you have been a member for at least one year to avoid paying additional administrative fees for early termination. After reviewing your contract, call 888-227-8624 and inform the representative that you wish to terminate your account. After checking your account, the representative will inform you of any necessary costs, such as paying unpaid contributions. If you prefer to resign in the mail, write a letter to your crunch fitness site in which you clearly indicate your request to terminate your membership. Enter your membership number, name, billing address and address of your Crunch site in your letter. To find out how to cancel your Crunch membership on a crunch site, read on! For crunch subscriptions, which include group fitness and/or advanced hiit courses (“classes”), users have the option to book a place in these online courses. Courses are limited to a specified number of participants and the availability of online bookings for courses varies by location and is identified as such on each site`s website (“online class reservations”). Members with an All Crunch subscription can book online courses on Crunch Signature sites up to 6 days and 22 hours before classes start. For all other types of affiliation that contain classes, members can book a class up to 22 hours before the start of a class on sites offering online class reservations. In addition, sites that offer online class reservations have the right to charge members a fee if they do not cancel or miss a class inside the cancellation window without cancelling.

When a member cancels an online class reservation within 2 hours of the start time of class, this will be considered a “late interruption.” If a member who makes an online class reservation does not cancel and participate in the class, this will be considered a no-show. In case of late cancellation and not of shows, a fee can be charged and emailed to the member`s email address with his Home Club. To avoid a late cancellation or show fee, the member must cancel their online online class reservation via the member website or app. Currently, Signature Crunch sites charge a late cancellation fee of $5 and a non-presentation fee of $10. Crunch Fitness and Crunch Select charge a late cancellation fee of $1 and a non-presentation fee of $2. Members must accept these conditions for online class booking in order to access online class reservations. If this is not the case, booking classes in the club is limited only to a first-come-first served basis. Crunch does not guarantee the availability of club-only courses.