Social Security Agreement In Hindi

The implementation of the SSA between Australia and India is a welcome measure that allows organizations to eliminate double costs, possibly through a double pension contribution for workers on international contracts, who are subject to mandatory pension schemes in Australia and India. In addition, the SSA`s enforcement between Australia and India provides international protection for assignees, so that they do not lose their right to social benefits in their home countries when they go to work in the other country. Australia currently has 31 bilateral international social security agreements. All of these agreements are based on the concept of shared responsibility. Responsibility-sharing agreements are reciprocal. Under each agreement, partner countries make concessions to their social security qualification rules so that those covered by the agreement have access to payments that they may not be eligible for. The responsibility for social security is thus distributed among the countries in which a person has lived during his or her working years and where the person is able to obtain potential rights. In general, it is possible to access a pension from one country in the second country, although the paying country retains some discretion with regard to the exchange and delivery mechanisms used. Under these agreements, Australia equates social security periods/stays in these countries with periods of Australian residence in order to meet minimum qualification periods for Australian pensions. In other countries, periods of Australian working life are generally counted as social security periods to meet their minimum payment periods. Typically, each country pays a partial pension to a person who has lived in both countries.

Currently, about 1,000 Brazilians live in India, while about 4,700 Indians live in Brazil. All seconded/detached and self-employed workers will benefit from this proposal without discrimination. This would promote justice and inclusion. The export of social security benefits to Indian workers as a result of their relocation from Brazil is an innovative mechanism to ensure that social benefits are not lost and also contributes to the competitiveness of Indian companies by reducing their total costs.