Writers Guild Agency Agreement

The WGA platform is an online hub for authors, showrunners and executives to connect to jobs and development opportunities in functions and television. Packaging fees and affiliate production have always been the headliners, but there were two other remarkable roadblocks that had the WGA dismantled by UTA. One is the exchange of information. The WGA requested that the agencies provide the guild with copies of authors` contracts and negotiate memos, allegedly so that the union could better enforce its collective agreement. This justification is valid as far as it is concerned, but there is no mention of the guild`s also ability to enforce the calculation and collection of taxes, which are largely based on writers` income. What Works Are Covered An agent may present only a client`s new work, all of the client`s work, or only any work the client writes over a period of time. (To be clear, the representative`s rights to represent the work are generally granted permanently or until the relationship is terminated under the contract or by mutual agreement of the representative and the author.) Time will tell whether the agreement that the Agency community has reached with the WGA will be good for the guild, writers, other artists, our businesses and the community. What was never disputed was that strong reforms that the guild sought had to be considered. However, good and solid reform in all relations requires dialogue and factual information, with assumptions agreed between the parties concerned. Unfortunately, this dialogue has not yet taken place between our agency and the WGA.

With a new commitment, we hope to avoid this destructive dynamic in the future. Agency Agreement Against Agency Clause: Benefits and Disadvantages A number of literary agencies do not provide their clients with written agency contracts, but rely solely on agency clauses included in publishing and film agreements. However, it is preferable to have a written agency agreement to avoid any misunderstanding about the terms of the agreement and to define the conditions in case of termination.