Sask Separation Agreement

Believe me: separation and divorce themselves don`t “ruin” “people” or “destroy children” – it`s how people decide to manage their separation that can have negative, devastating and lasting effects. Lana began her career as a lawyer in the courtroom, but after more than 10 years of practice, she decided she could better serve her clients in a way that better reflected her opinions and values. A separation specialist in Saskatoon, SK, Lana`s primary goal is to best support those going through the difficult process of separation and divorce. Most separation agreements can be settled out of court. You may need to participate in an intensive negotiation process to properly resolve any important issues in your separation. Lana Wickstrom, a separation specialist in Saskatoon, SK, is a professional lawyer, social worker, mediator and coach. A specialist in separation, she is experienced in family law and handles separation agreements and divorce cases throughout the province of Saskatchewan.